this site is a constant wip, and will probably never be fully done.. i have big plans :)

feel free to take a look-see around - sorry about anything that may be less-than-complete.

Also I love making pages, etc but i am not all too good at coding.. I practice ocassionally but i wanted to give huge credit to's layout builder. most all of the pages on this site use this layout builder's code as a base! I'm hoping to become more confident in coding things from scratch, though..


Uploaded the first 'phase' of my JJBA Shrine! Go check it out if you want!


Added another webring - Xenics of the Web! Go check them out!


Added a new webring, The Ghost Ring, to my homepage! Go check them out!


Small updates around this main page and over on the shrines directory. A JJBA shrine is officially in the works, I'm planning on moving around this main page a bit..

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